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Firm Profile

I believe it is vital for a designer to have the ability to see and understand a project on many levels and to be committed to values not just rooted in architectural aesthetics but in community context and the environments of the project we build.

Since establishing my office in 1998, I have designed and executed projects ranging from the small recording studios of Milkboy Productions to larger projects like the 90,000 square foot YSC sports complex and academy, a world-class soccer facility in Wayne, PA. I continue to stay involved in community projects such as the Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter, a low-income community center, the Care Center for Christ, the local Salvation Army food pantry and other projects. As an architect, I have always been grounded in not only building for my clients but for my community, as well. I have always taken a gestalt-like approach to my work and career. My commitment to community is a product of a career that began when I moved from my native city of Toronto to Boston then to New York followed by Kingston, Jamaica and a brief stay near Limoges, France, as well. Living and working in a variety of cities and countries has allowed me an ever-growing view of commonality. It is also important to me that, as an architect, I have worked in all aspects of the architectural process; handling every task from client relationships, capital campaigns, site analysis, project design, construction documentation, construction administration work, and more.


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