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Restaurant Projects

I Pasta

A complete gutting of this small retail space began the process of fitting a new pasta shop into a tight space. The final design includes a layout that capture every square inch. This small family run pasta shop is only a 1000 square feet. Run by Pietro and Antonella Belfiore the shop was originally designed primarily for take out but the success of the cuisine and the cozy atmosphere have established the shop and it is always filled in the evenings.

Couch Tomato

This is the second location for owners of Couch Tomato as carved out a new cafe modern cafe in what was once a very conservative bank. The new space with just under a 100 seats offers dinning on the green roof terrace as well as the main floor with a menu of soup, salads, sandwiches and now artisan pizza bake in a wood fired brick oven. The space was completely gutted and a new structural frame introduced from the top to the bottom to accommodate the new roof terrace.


This Italian restaurant with over 90 seats on one of the main street of West Chester wanted a very urban feel and took a raw space and exposed various structural elements to create a very downtown atmosphere. The success of the space is that the over all roughness is balanced by careful details that give the place an intimate environment. The seating and the kitchen work on two levels with a wine cellar and limited seating on the lower level with the main kitchen open to seating on the main floor. Lighting and the sparse use of finish materials create personal dining experience.


A 1800 square foot gelato and dessert cafe in the heart of West Chester was a complete rehab of an print shop. Working with designer Devyn O'Neill the space was gutted and reworked to provide for a state of the art kitchen, party room and general seating with retail up front. The goal was to great a space for the young owners who were starting off on their first venture and looking for a distinctive design that was new to West Chester but appealed to the wide demographics of this growing town.

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