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Residential Projects

Kretzshmar Residence

This is a retirement home for Ms. Kretzshmar and her mother. It was a small house set on the family farm that was about 1000 square feet in size. It embodied the “small house” philosophy as incorporate the rooms and features of typical larger homes.

Cromby Residence

This client wanted a house with a very modern look to be built on a site they had a one story drop off at the back. He was enthralled by the butterfly truss that had been used on ther house and to incorporate the feature in to his home.

Rufo Beach House 

The client is a builder with whom the architect has worked who wanted to build a new beach house around an existing small house the family was using in Sea Isle city

Gateway Townhouses

The three townhouse development is located off Arch St in downtown Philadelphia. The client plans to live in the first unit and sell the other two. The first floor is given over to the garage with 3 stories of living above.

Hogan Residential Garage

The field stone garage was part of a historical manor just outside the borough of West Chester. The lower level contains stables. The structure had severally deteriorated and was collapsing when the Hogans took procession of the property. Now completely restored the structure once again serves as garage/stable as well as workshop and rec. room for the family

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